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Artist Statement
There have been great influences in my life which have inspired my artistic growth.
Nature and Spirit are key to that growth. I have been influenced by ‘primitive peoples’ as well as other artists, particularly visionary and surrealist schools of art. Joseph Cornell,
Dorothea Tanning, Dali, Remedios Varo, Egon Schiele, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena,
Hannah Hoch, Native Americans, Aboriginal Peoples, Eastern Indian Culture and many
others, known and unknown.
I began using the circle in 1978 when my awareness of the earth, the feminine nature and the spirit commenced. I work on an intuitive level and let the piece speak to me during the process, whether I have an intent or not. Experimenting with several mediums(pen and ink, fabric, paint, graphite, colored pencil, tile, collage and mixed media)
presented different challenges, characteristics and possibilities to the execution of a piece of art. Now, my primary medium is mixed media/collage which I find has limitless fascination. I am incorporating the mediums I have explored and I am adding new materials to the creation of my new work.
The circle and the circle in the square are sacred and universal symbols present in all religions & cultures, even the most ‘primitive’. I am seeking to touch, deep within the
viewers spirit, a truth or essence.
To awaken/nudge/shift the unconscious.
Seduction into another world...A world of vision and dream.


Mandala means circle/center in Sanskrit. Traditionally used in Eastern
religions and cultures as a tool for meditation, spiritual growth, guidance for life, as well as healing. We can also find the circle used in Native American, Aboriginal and other
‘primitive’ cultures throughout time in our world’s history.
Mandalas usually give a center point to focus on and from which expands out to
infinity, depending on the culture and/or purpose. The circle encompasses many different symbols. It is limitless, cyclical and spiritual.
It symbolizes God, Eternity, Unity and Creation.

215 Angelique Street Weehawken, NJ 07086 C: 201.707.6107 S: 201.319.1504

Solo Exhibitions

2016 "Dance of the Spirit”, Edward Williams Gallery, Fairleigh Dickinson U, Teaneck, NJ, Curator Diana Soorikian

2005 "Visionary Imaginings", Teahouse Gallery, New York, NY, Curator Maria Rodriguez

2002 Natural Healing Chiropractic Center, Dr. Peter Gratale, Teaneck, NJ
1997 'Inner Visions', Archetypus Gallery, Edgewater, NJ, Curator Warren Sonberg

1990 'Mandalas', William Carlos Williams Center, Rutherford, NJ, Curator Adele Scott

Group Exhibitions

2021 “AOI”, Kirkland Arts Center, Seattle, WA
2020 “Glimpse”, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ. Curator: Evonne Davis 2019-2020 “Expresiones Latinx 1”, Gallery at 14 Maple, Morristown, NJ


Curators: Virginia Fabri Butera, PhD & Will Suarez
“Brigid Marlin & friends ~ Group Exhibition”, East Hampton, NY “Sympathetic Magic”, Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY. Curator: Elisa Fecker

“Phantastin in Der Box”, Städtische Galerie, Fruchthalle Rastet, Kaisers, Germany Curator: Gunter Westermann

“So What”, Gallery Aferro, Newark, NJ
“Visionary Alchemy”, One Art Space, NY, NY, Curator: Diego Ponce

"Imagination Reigns”, Karja #Gallery, Ubud, Bali Curator Della Burford
"Curious Creatures”, Riker Hill Art Park, Livingston, NJ Curator: Larry Dell
"Putting it all Together”, Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY Curators Arle Sklar-Weinstein & Luis Perelman
“Art for Peace”, Traveling Exhibition, Atelier Gustave, Paris, France, & Gallerie FLOX, Dresden, Germany, Curators: Liba Waring Stambollion & Anabella Claudia Hofmann

“Espaco Particula”, Coimbra Portugal, Santiago Rubeiro

“Luso-American Surrealism of the 21st Century”. Mississippi State, MS, Curators: Joe MacGown & Shahla Rosa

"Kunst im Herrenhof/art-imaginär”, 6th International Fantastic & Visionary Art, Herrenhoff, Musbach, Germany. Curator: Otfried H. Culmann/Günter Westermann

‘ABC: Assemblage, Book Art, and Collage#, an Invitational. SUMA (Southern Utah Museum of Fine Art), SUU (College of Performing and Visual Arts) Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, UT. Curators: Jonathan Talbot, Sue Cotter & Deborah Snider. Eco Museum, Montreal, Canada, Curator: Jean Pronovost

"surrealism now", Galeria da Antiga Capitania do Porto de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal. Curator: Santiago Ribeiro

“7th BDAA Members Juried Exhibition”, 3rd Place, Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY Juror: Susan Hoeltzel, Director Lehman College Art Gallery/CUNY

‘Dreams & Divinities", LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, TX, Curator: Liba Waring Stambollion

2014-2015 "Gallery Artists#, LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, TX, Curator Matt Anzak 2014 "Art for Peace#, Moniker Gallery, Toronto, Canada Curator: Jean Pronovost

‘Visionaries: Seers of the Soul", Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY Curators: ArleSklar Weinstein
Luso-American Surrealismo of the 21st Century, Consulate General of Portugal, Paris, Fr,& Palace of Lousa, Lousa, Coimbra, Portugal, Curator Santiago Ribeiro Luso-American Surrealismo of the 21st Century, Latino Art Museum, Pomona, CA, Curators Graciela Horne Nardi/Shahla Rosa LuminArte Gallery, Dallas, TX, Curator Shahla Rosa

2013-2014 "International Surrealism Now#, Roque Gameiro House, Amadora, Lisbon, Santiago Ribeiro

2012 "Visionaries#, International Invitational Exhibition, QCC Art Gallery, NY

"A Celebratory Exhibition & International Conference on the Future of Fantastic and Visionary Art", Phantasten Museum, Wein (Museum of Fantastic Art, Vienna)

"Gleanings", Noyes Museum, Oceanville, NJ, Curator Dorrie Papademetriou
"shequality", s.h.e. Gallery, Boonton, NJ, Supporting Human Equality, Curator Kim Saunders

2010 "5 Decades of the Fantastic#, Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago, IL, Director Bill Hill 2009 "Essential Music and Art#, Chelsea, NY, NY, Curator Ellie Colon

2006 "Mid Summer Dream#, L.I.T.M., Jersey City, NJ Curator Ellie Colon

2004 "Piece by Piece#, Port of Call Gallery#, Warwick, NY, Curator Laura Breitman 2003-2004 Pfizer Gallery, New York, NY, Artist as Alchemist, Curator Ingrid Fox

2003 "Brave Destiny#, Williamsburg Museum, Brooklyn, NY, Curator Terrance Lindall 2002-2003 POLi Gallery, Provincetown, MA, Nicoletta Poli, Director

The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, NY, NY, 'small things considered',
Viridian Artists, Inc., NY, NY, 'TEN'
Artbuilders Gallery, JC, NJ 'Exploring the Qualities & Potentialities of Paper Works', Hsaio-Ning Tu

2000-2001 Denise Bibro Gallery, NY, NY, 'Group Exhibit'
2000 Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, FL, 'From the Heart of the Artist'

Ramapo College of New Jersey Art Students League Studied with: Calley O'Neill Mahwah, NJ NY, NY Dr. H.D. Raymond


2014 "Visionaries: Seers of the Soul", Catalogue, Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY 2012 "VISIONARIES", QCC Catalogue, NY

‘Featured Artist#, Art Europas, Germany/Italy, Mia de

Schur2010 "Visionary Art Yearbook 2010-2011", Otto Rapp

2009 "Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler", a compilation of International Artists from 60 countries. Fantastic,Surreal,Visionary,&Symbolic, Author/Curator Gerhard Habarta

2007 TRAPPINGS~Two Girls Working~Interviews w/Empowered Women.
2005-2008 "Mosaic Art 2008” - A collective portfolio of contemporary mosaic art on CD-Rom 2001 'Creative Insight', "Pick-Up Palette", Ellen Peckham. Publication of Fine Arts & Poetry

Private Grant:

Awarded by Calley O'Neill - Study of Mexican Mural Masterpieces: Cuernavaca, Mexico City & Taxco


Society for Art of Imagination (AOI), London, England & The America#s The Collage/Assemblage Society, NY, NY-Founder & Past Co-Director NY Artists Circle, NY, NY

Past Gallery Director: hob#art, Exhibition Coordinator/Board Member, Hoboken, NJ Public Works:

2006-2008 Public Works~Mosaics, Commissioned by the City of Yonkers, NY.

1979-1980 "That#s the Way of the World-History of Agriculture in the US#, 7,000 sq.ft. Mural, W. Milford, NJ


2014 Studio Assistant to Jonathan Talbot, Warwick, NY
2012 In the Permanent Collection: Phantasten Museum, Wein (Museum of Fantastic Art, Vienna)

2006 to present ~ Artist#s Archives, el MUSEO del barrio, NY, NY

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