My name is Ginny DeMario. I graduated from William Paterson University (Wayne, NJ) with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. My concentration and passion lie in design. I am most happy (indeed thrilled!) to be a part of the Art Reborn: 100 Mannequins exhibit. 

Painting, drawing, photography, and web design are a few of the fine art disciplines I favor. They yield the most reward to my sense of accomplishment and source of pride. 

The majority of my work is in photography and portrait painting. I strive to capture content, perspective, flesh and natural tones, color, detail, form, and shadows.  

When I decided to enter the Art Reborn exhibit, my initial thought was to create a character from Star Trek. I find the set costumes they wear (uniforms, if you prefer) particularly interesting and streamlined; futuristic. From that series, I chose to design the character “Seven of Nine”. The character is a cross between Human and Cyborg, artificially and/or mechanically enhanced. As you will notice, she presents some special features. 

It is my deepest desire that you find inspiration and beauty in my artwork.