Jessica Black

Artist Statement:   Over my lifetime, I have started and stopped (and sometimes completed) a multitude of art ventures.  Ranging from children's books to jewelry making to commissioned art pieces, there is no doubt that I can create worthwhile works, but inspiration comes in fits and spurts.  Combine this with a full time engineering profession and a family, and you get art when art is possible. 

Title of the Work: That girl is on fire!

This is a study in power and women.  There are two types of power - the power to be a master over others and the power to be a master of one's own domain.  The mannequin represents the fiery determination that one has to have in order to master their own destiny.  At the center of the mannequin is the solar plexus chakra, which is considered to be the center of personal power.   The cape is made of individual chakras to represent each woman included in the study and their power.  There are QR codes in each card that link to the wikipedia article for each woman.