Suzanne Hockstein 

Suzanne Hockstein came to the South Bronx area of NYC in 1980 to live in and help run, a free-volunteer ambulance service as part of the relief organization Plenty International. Falling deeply in love with all things NY, and specifically The Bronx, she settled here with her husband and they raised 2 children now grown, with spouses of their own, who also still reside in NYC. 

  Along the way, Suzanne worked for 15 years as the Music and Arts Specialist in an inclusive nursery school, and spent 18 summers at a Bronx summer camp, where she ran the Art Department and sang daily with the Quad Band.

  Suzanne has for decades been creating her own art, mixed media, paper collage and assemblage, and has had much success with local exhibits. While paper is her first love, she also works with wood, found objects and anything perfectly rusted that she can lift.

  Also a singer-songwriter, on any given night you can find her fronting the NY-based band Seeing Voices, or playing acoustic gigs with her husband/guitar-god Richard.

  Now retired, Suzanne is working full time on her art and music, applying all the grand things she has picked up along the way, literally and figuratively. 

Artist Statement:

Title: I Almost Forgot About The Beauty

Living my life as a human female in these strange, intense times can sometimes be challenging, if not downright overwhelming. I intended to have my mannequin denote some of that frantic input.

  I had the great fortune to select this particular mannequin, with her sideways glance and hand-gesture of seeming refusal to it all. She literally spoke to me and I knew I could work with her.

  Her undercoat of collaged dress pattern paper reflects the overlapping, barrage of stimulus and vibrations we deal with every day. The rest of the collaged elements are on top of, sometimes fighting these baser elements…desperately trying to remember and honor the beauty.

  The struggle is real but struggle we will, until we get it done.