The Nerdy Duo

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Mannequin Description: 

Our Digital Harlequinn creates a statement about the way we are entangled with the digital age. Her hip tattoo, the visored jolly roger, is a reused design from before the pandemic, and a reference to how we think about the overall relationship between humanity, culture (and counter-culture), and technology all the time.The jester-like multicolored curls allude to the bright and friendly face that companies like Google and Facebook use to portray themselves, and like tech companies, work hard to capture your attention from far away in a crowded field. This is contrasted by the circuit and skull face piece. Masked by its brightly lit visor, her face makes a statement about why we need to pay careful attention to what big tech consumes and how it affects us physically, emotionally, and environmentally, and beware that there will be compelling distractions as we do so. The green and gold circuit motifs recall the classic look of a circuitboard, while also drawing attention to the valuable resources that are harvested in service of our current age of technology: not only the rare elements like gold, neodymium, cerariumm, and ore, but also things like our time and personal information that companies harvest and profit from as irresponsibly. That they run down the majority of her limbs alludes to how there is very little a person does that is untouched by tech. The uncircuited limb is adorned with a single section of gold and a filigree garter, a reference to how we must draw our own careful boundaries with tech to protect and preserve our space (physically and mentally) and what is precious to us. This sentiment is echoed in the silver spine painted on her back, which is meant to remind us all that we each have a shiny spine and the capabilities to stand up and draw boundaries on an individual as well as a global level. 

Bio and References :

The Nerdy Duo is Erin Cardullo and Melissa Weiland, new media artists from Nyack, NY. Artists by day and technology consultants also by day (and night, and during weekend emergencies, too), The Nerdy Duo most enjoy exploring the intersection where art and technology meet. They enjoy expressing themselves through mediums in 2D (drawing, painting, photography), 3D (digital and physical sculpting, SLA printing), and 4D (motion arts, three dimensions expressed over time). When not digging into their own or someone else’s computer, The Nerdy Duo can be found following their lifelong goals of solving problems, learning new things, and sharing what they’ve learned with others. This has translated to works big and small from reality TV (House Hunters, Divorce 911!, The Wine Show) and music videos (Bjork, Papoose, JaRule, Kelly Jones, and more), to pitching in at local theaters like Elmwood, to to classes and workshops (Pelham Art Center, ACOR, private events), as well as digital art consulting for companies and individual artists. “There are few things in life that are more exciting and more amazing than seeing someone who once felt held back by a tool or an idea come to understand it to the point where they become energized and enthusiastic about its potential.”

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